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Insure your home today!

Fully digital. No paperwork.
Insured in a couple of minutes.

Be covered against the most important accidents that can happen in your home:

Water damage
Nature damage
Bike theft
... and more!
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Get customized offers in 2 minutes

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1: Choose your home

~1 minute

Answer a few simple questions about your home

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2: Choose coverage

~1 minute

Choose contents sum and extended bike coverage

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3: Buy insurance

~1 minute

Register and pay easily with Vipps

Decreasing deductible

The percentage you pay in the event of an accident decreases for each day you don't use your insurance.

(Does not apply to natural damage, legal aid and liability)

Decreasing deductible from 6000 kr to 2000 kr

Do you already have a contents insurance?

Tillit handles that automatically for you. You don't have to worry about that.

Select where your insured.

When you confirm in the app, we'll cancel your insurance.

The contents insurance with Tillit is activated when the old one expires.

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Hvis du har innboforsikring får du 50% rabatt på mobilforsikring kjøpt i appen!

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