A radically better insurance experience
Tillit will be Norway's first appbased insurance experience. We make it easy for people to insure and protect their stuff, and have them repaired after accidents. The app is currently in beta.

Insure your stuff
We insure your most valuable things, like phones, tablets, computers, watches and bikes. If you break your stuff, we'll cover most of the cost of repair.

Protect against accidents
Tillit has selected risk reducing accesories for your stuff, so you can avoid accidents. Order in a moment with Vipps One-click Payment.

Fix broken stuff in 1-2-3
We've collected and tested the best repair shops, so you can have your stuff repaired. If you're insured with us, you only have to pay a small deductible.

How Tillit works
Insurance works by you and other people giving a small amount each to a common pool, which you get a part of if it's coincidentally your stuff that breaks. Tillit uses a fixed amount of the payments to run the company, while most of the money is always returned to you. Since the amount we use is fixed, we can't do like other companies which increase their profits by making it hard for you to get money from the pool. Thus you can have... tillit (trust).